Frequently Asked Questions

When is Porch Light Night?

Porch Light Night takes place on the first Monday in October each year.

What is the purpose of Porch Light Night?

Porch Light Night is an 80‐year Kenilworth tradition where a team of Kenilworth volunteers conduct an annual door to door solicitation on the first Monday of October to collect contributions to support charitable programs funded by the Kenilworth United Fund. The best gaming offers in lord of the ocean our casino follow the link!

What is the Kenilworth United Fund (KUF)?

The KUF is a 501(c)(3) non‐profit agency formed in 1929 by concerned Kenilworth residents.  The KUF is administered by a Board of Directors composed of 17 Kenilworth residents. The Board is responsible for conducting the annual fund raising drive, determining both the agencies to support and how much to allocate to each agency and for monitoring how the funds are being spent.

What types of agencies are currently being supported by KUF?

This past year KUF has provided $125,000 to 13 agencies. To be eligible for our donations, each agency must support Kenilworth residents.  This is required by the KUF Charter.  The 13 agencies include the Kenilworth Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, the North Shore Senior Center, people with mental health issues and development issues, youth, people with personal and family issues of all types, including for example depression, epilepsy and other issues.

Do Kenilworth residents need these services?

Kenilworth residents suffer the same difficulties and challenges as people throughout the world.  The recipients of these services are very grateful for your contribution.  The need for these services continues, particularly, in this economic climate. With your one contribution you are supporting these 13 agencies.

Is KUF in any way part of the Chicago Metropolitan United Way?

No. KUF is a separate, locally run program.

What else should I know about the KUF?

The KUF is entirely volunteer run.  Our administrative costs (no salaries, just third party costs such as printing and postage) are less than 5% of our budget.

Who gives to the KUF?

43% of Kenilworth residents donate to the KUF each year.  This is an outstandingly high percentage and shows the depth of support in our community for the causes of the KUF.

How can I support the work of KUF and its agencies?

Please consider making a contribution this year. A fellow resident will contact you on Porch Light Night. If for some reason you will not be home, the solicitor will leave instructions on how you can contribute. Thank you for considering making a contribution.

Does the KUF accept donations other than in money form?

Yes, we are happy to accept donations such as stocks, bonds or other liquid investments. People have bequeathed money to our organization as part of their estate planning. Ask your neighborhood KUF volunteer how to donate in this method or call George Drake at 847-849-9893..