Porch Light Night Campaign Zone Leaders Suggested Best Practices

Here are a few best practices that experienced volunteers have found to be
effective in the past:

    1. Each volunteer is assigned a zone consisting of approximately 20 houses. This gives you time to be social during your visits; we try to give you a zone near your home so you will know most of the people you are to canvass that evening.
    2. We will mail a “save the date” postcard that lets people know you are coming and describes our activities. If you or anyone in the community needs more information about KUF, please call Jeff Ross at home at 251-5001 or cell at 773-255-3603 or Brian Ellerman at home at 847-784-5031 or cell at 847-910-4241.
    3. Call people on your route a few days before Porch Light Night. This will let them know you are coming. This will be especially helpful to new residents or people you haven’t yet met.
      • Some volunteers even prepare a brief personal note to use if the person is not home during your first visit.
    4. Not everyone is home Monday nights before 9 pm. You may contact people on Saturday or Sunday.
    5. Have a positive attitude during your visit.


Porch Light Night is a respected tradition among Kenilworth residents. While the money you collect is important to the many non-profit organizations that we support, your contributions of time and effort play a significant role in maintaining the sense of community that makes Kenilworth a special place.
The interaction between you and the people you contact as a volunteer has helped to build community spirit in a unique way for over 60 years. You and 40-50other volunteers will make the time to go door to door this year. Every house in Kenilworth will be visited and over half will respond and feel a little stronger bond with their neighbors.

On behalf of the Kenilworth United Fund, thank you for your efforts.

Michael Holling, President