Volunteer Instructions

Your help is greatly appreciated by the 18 agencies we support.

  1. Visit each of the homes shown on your Zone List between Friday and Monday at 9 PM. If you
    call before your visit, you will improve your collections and you may enjoy it more. See our
    Best Practices suggestions.
  2. Give each person a Post-it pad/To Do pad and a “thanks”
    • For donors, fill out the Pledge Card including Contributor’s Name and save it in the
      Worker’s Envelope
    • It is up to the Contributor to keep a record of their contribution
    • We do not track their contributions year to year for privacy reasons.
    • Many people ask what is the average donation. There are no statistics on this,
      but you could tell them anywhere from $25 to $100. Emphasize any amount is
      greatly appreciated.
    • $100 will pay for $5 to each of our 18 charity agencies.
    • You do not have to persuade the donor. If they decline, that is fine.
  3. Other Situations
    • They are not home.
    • Leave the pre-stuffed SASE envelope and pad (and perhaps a handwritten note).
    • They contribute at work through the United Way/Crusade of Mercy allocation paid by
      their employer.
  4. Worker’s Report envelope.
    • Place all checks and cash in the Worker’s Report Envelope and summarize your collections on the outside of Worker’s Report Envelope.
    • Turn in the Worker’s Report Envelope on Porch Light Night between 7 PM and 9 PM at
      the Kenilworth Assembly Hall.
  5. Get-together at Kenilworth Club
    Be sure to plan on stopping by the Kenilworth Club, relaxing and saying hi to everybody.